Since 2001, we've provided software training in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. Some of the organizations impacted include:


Software Training Organizations Impacted




We are grateful for the following testimonials.


CDC - Organizations ImpactedTraining Feedback - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Employees


Thank you for a wonderful learning experience. I have already been able to apply some of the lessons on my Access database project. I will be checking with my supervisor tomorrow to see if the budget will allow me to take (additional training).



Include in (our Organizations Impacted list) "CDC". I learned a lot from you in the classes that I have taken. In the near future I hope, our budget would permit me to take many more.

... extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter. She draws you into her presentation with real life examples, adding a touch of natural humor. She held my attention throughout the session.
Sandra Nicholls, APR
Professional writing and event planning services

Training Feedback - US Environmental Protection Agency



EPA TestimonialI thoroughly enjoyed the Excel class yesterday. Everyone in the class seemed to really get a lot of info from the course. Hope you will consider Excel Module II in the near future. Jackie is a very good instructor.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency





Training Feedback - Georgia Center for Non-Profits

GCN TestimonialsThank you so much for conducting the ‘Seven Steps to A Successful Website’ workshop for the Center. Based on the evaluations from the attendees, you provided the participants with a lot of valuable ‘take-aways': knowledge, ideas and resources that they can actually use in their organizations. They expressed the desire for you to conduct additional practical workshops that make a real difference in their operations. You are a dynamic trainer and a tremendous asset to our training network here at the Center!

B. Stirrup, MSW
Training Consultant
Georgia Center for Nonprofits

I've known Jackie for many years and this was one of the first opportunities to participate in one of her courses. She is very thorough and has a very pleasant delivery format.

I attended the workshops with specific questions and each one of my questions was answered in-depth and completely.

Jackie provided me with more than I needed to take me to the next level.

Jackie knows her topics and you definitely feel that you leave with more knowledge than you entered with!

meddy, CEO & Creative Director, Visualizing Change LLC

Training Feedback - Small Business Administration

SBA TestimonialsWe fully recognize that we received such positive feedback from the participants due to your excellent presentation and stimulating discussion. Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your knowledge
D. Fletcher
U.S. Small Business Administration

Training Feedback - Small Business Development Agency


Testimonial SBDCJackie developed the course content, excellent training materials and Power Point presentations for the classes.

Her class evaluations were excellent in every category across the board from every person that attended the class.

[We] never saw such amazing evaluations for a contracted instructor!

Business Development Consultant
U.S. Small Business Development Center

I was absolutely blown away by the information I received in the Keys to a Successful Website course. This information was so useful that immediately after leaving I called my web designer and was able to tell him to implement some changes and why.
Thanks Jackie for sharing your resources.

Gwen Narcisse
Gwen's Gourmet - Atlanta Personal Chef

I appreciate the practical ideas, knowledge and experiences that you shared, as well as your enthusiasm and transparency... [attendees] will get very practical knowledge and concepts that [they] can put to use immediately.

Stan Taylor
Southern Comfort Concierge Services

Jackie was very knowledgeable, competent and professional.
Karla Brandau, CSP
Karla Brandau & Associates

. . .excellent useful information. Well organized info.

Lisa Jones
Metropolitan Financial Group

Thank you again for the information I received at the workshop. As always, you are . . . very ... professional. But, the knowledge you [impart] and your response to even the simplest question is always answered with respect and dignity. I appreciate you!!

Just a quick note to let you know that I finally purchased my computer a couple of weeks ago ... I chose to customize my order and thank God for your class. I had my notes in front of me from the class and I am so happy with my end result. Everyone I knew knows how long I had wanted a new computer but was afraid of buying the wrong thing. So now everyone knows that I was able to buy one thanks to your class that made it so much easier. ...I can't believe the difference from my old dinosaur. Life is good!

You did a super job there. You got the highest ratings on the evaluation forms that I ever saw for an instructor.

I'm really glad that I attended the workshop "Get that Website OFF your mind and Online.” I have an existing site that has been giving me trouble for months. By attending this workshop, I came away with invaluable tips to create, update, maintain and market my website. I can't wait to apply all of the tips I learned.

You did a wonderful job of making the Website workshop informative, valuable, engaging and practical. I was able to apply my new knowledge immediately.

Jackie - this is great. Thank you! You make really good points and it helps those of us non-techies think about things that we know and understand instead of being intimidated by what we don't.

Thanks. This tip saved me 4 hours of work.

Thank you for the enlightening discussion … Tuesday evening. You are in the correct field as you have a way of breaking information down into layman's terms for those less technologically inclined as I…I gleaned much from your workshop and I look forward to being in others to come.

The instructor made technology simple and clear.

...a wonderful seminar - I believe more businesses can really benefit from this class.

[the best thing about the workshop was] not just content, but provided many other valuable resources and information.

I have an existing site that has been giving me trouble for months . . . I came away with invaluable tips to create, update, maintain and market my website.

[The instructor] kept our attention well with facts presented in a sometimes humorous fashion


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