1-to-1 Atlanta-Based Training in Access, Word, Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks, Publisher, and PowerPoint

Our individual, customized, software training classes are for you if . . .

. . . you must pass the test to get the job. Computer literacy is a requirement for most careers. One-on-one training will not only help you get the job; you will gain skills you can use throughout your career. We have experience offering one-on-one training, targeted to your skill level, that is guaranteed to get results.

Success Story: Our client needed to find a job - yesterday! We structured our 4-hour training session to not only teach her the software skills she needed, but show her how to use online tools in her job search. Within two weeks of our training session, she used what she learned and her new online searching skills to find a job.
. . . your time is too valuable to be spent in an all day class. Busy business people simply don’t have the time to spend an entire day away from their office attending a software class. We bring the training to your location, in shorter time blocks, so that you can get back to work!

. . . you aren’t in the mood to fight traffic. Ever had to fight traffic to get to a training class? We save you the traffic hassles by bringing the training to you!

. . . you know there’s an easier way to get it done. You know there’s an easier way, and guess what -- you are right! We can show you how to use your computer to get things done faster and easier.

. . . you want to learn at your own pace. Do you know the feeling of being trapped in a software class where the pace was just too slow? Have you ever experienced the frustration of needing the instructor to go over a concept again, but the rest of the class is miles ahead? If so, you are not alone. Avoid the frustration by taking advantage of our computer tutoring services. We make sure you know a concept before we move to the next.

. . . cookie cutter classes just won’t do. We know all students don’t learn the same way. Some learn better by doing, some need to take frequent breaks, some don’t like taking tests. We will adapt our training to your learning style.

We encourage you to bring your work projects to our training sessions. We will customize the training so that you can immediately apply what you learn.

. . . you are new to the world of computers. We've found that our beginner clients benefit most from the hands-on,individualized attention our classes offer.

. . . you are an advanced or power user. Our advanced clients often have a clear cut idea of the specific tasks they would like to learn. Our individual, 1-to-1 training sessions are tailor-made for people who know exactly what they want to learn and don't have time to waste.

. . . you need targeted training that works!
We offer targeted training in the following topics:
  • Microsoft Access
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Introduction to PCs
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Word
  • Quickbooks
  • Microsoft Word
    and several other courses.
Affordable Training that Gets Results

  • Students save an average of 2.5 hours a week using what they learn in each hour of training. That's 125 hours of increased productivity a year! 

Pricing - Microsoft Software, Internet Marketing and Social Media Training

Business Level Training Fee Includes:
  • Assessment conducted by our Master Instructor
  • Preparation of a customized training plan
  • Preparation of customized practice exercises (if needed)
  • Conducting the training session (by a Master Instructor or Instructor)
  • Training provided on-line or in person.
Executive Level Training Fee Includes:
  • Assessment conducted by our Master Instructor
  • Preparation of a customized training plan
  • Preparation of customized practice exercises (if needed)
  • Conducting the training session (by a Master Instructor)
  • Training provided on-line or in person.
  • Preparing and delivering a customized training manual
Please note: The preparation of a lesson plan and exercises takes an additional 1-2 hours for each hour of trainingWhen you sign up for a 3-hour training session, for example, we spend an additional 3-6 hours preparing for the session

The fee varies from $149 to $249 per hour, depending on the level of training, number of hours provided, whether the training is provided online or in-person, and several other factors. There is a 2-hour minimum.

Unlike other 1-on-1 training providers, we do not charge an additional fee for preparing the training plan, practice exercises, or training manual.  Please provide as much information as you can about your training needs so that we can give you an accurate quote.

Pricing - 1-on-1 Quickbooks Training

The fees for our Quickbooks training are as follows:
  • $125 per hour for a Master Level Instructor (Intuit Approved, Adjunct University Faculty, over 15 years' of accounting experience), or
  • $85 per hour for an Instructor (10 years of Quickbooks Experience, 6 years of training experience).

How it works

Our classes are offered in 2 or 3-hour blocks, and there is a 2-hour minimum. Complete the form below, and we will contact you to schedule a training appointment. Please note:  Fees are due in full in order to guarantee your appointment, and all fees are due at least 2 business days before the training session is conducted.





Group Training Classes

For a schedule of our group Microsoft software training classes offered in Atlanta and online, please click here.

About your Instructor

JC Kiadii helps business professionals use technology to save time, lower costs and increase profits. She provides business technology workshops, customized software training, and Access database solutions. Jackie has taught programs for hundreds of business owners, Atlanta Technical College, Environmental Protection Agency, Small Business Development Center (GSU), Small Business Administration (Atlanta), Women's Economic Development Agency, Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

If instructor cancels class, students will be issued a full refund. If a student cancels registration, at lease one week prior to class, instructor will issue a refund less $20 administrative fee. No refunds will be issued if student cancels within a week of class; student will be issued a credit.


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