Mastering Outlook 2007 Tasks

The Outlook 2007 Tasks feature is a very powerful, yet often overlooked tool to help you track and organize your "things to do list." If you haven't used Tasks before, and aren't sure what they can do, this class is for you.

What you will learn.
Course Pre-requisites
Class format(s) and pricing
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Expect to learn.

  • How to quickly create, edit and delete tasks.
  • How to organize and group tasks.
  • How to set reminders and to-do lists so that no tasks fall through the cracks.
  • How to track completed tasks. 
  • Creating New Task Folders
  • One-time vs. Recurring Tasks
  • Assigning & Delegating Tasks
  • Sending Task Status Reports
  • Tasks and Categories.
  • Linking Tasks to Contacts, Emails and Calendar
  • Using and Sharing Task Templates
Since this class is taught as a webinar, you will be able to:
  • attend from the convenience of your home or office.
  • easily follow along by watching the instructor's screen.
  • use the printed handouts to reinforce what you learn.
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The pre-requisites for this class are 3 months experience using Outlook 2003 or 2007. Back to Top

Formats & Pricing

Format Duration Price
Webinar 2 hours $49
On-site class 3 hours $60 - $75

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Refund/Cancellation Policy

If instructor cancels class, students will be issued a full refund. If a student cancels registration, at lease one week prior to class, instructor will issue a refund less $20 administrative fee. No refunds will be issued if student cancels within a week of class; student will be issued a credit.

About your Instructor

JC Kiadii helps business professionals use technology to save time, lower costs and increase profits. She provides business technology workshops, customized software training, and Access database solutions. Jackie has taught programs for hundreds of business owners, the Small Business Development Center (GSU), Small Business Administration (Atlanta), Women's Economic Development Agency, Georgia Center for Nonprofits.


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