Excel 2016 for the Mac Training - Atlanta, GA
Level 1 - 2 Days

Level 2 - 2 Days

Excel 2016 for the MAC logoIn Excel 2016 for the Mac Level 1, you will learn how to create and edit basic Microsoft Office Excel 2016 worksheets and workbooks.


In Excel 2016 for the Mac Level 2, you will learn tables, ranges, advanced functions, pivot tables and more.


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  • Are you interested in distinguishing yourself in an extremely tight and competitive job market?

  • Do you need to upgrade your Excel skills in order to keep your current job?

  • Are you a business owner,  interested in learning how to use Excel for the MAC ?

  • Are you interested in becoming certified as a way of improving your employment chances?


Please bring your MacBook to this class.


Why attend this Excel for the Mac course?

  • As one of the most popular software programs, Excel skills are in high demand, and employers are looking for employees with proven Excel skills.

  • By attending this class, you will learn valuable shortcuts and tips to help you save time and increase your efficiency.
  • This is a live, instructor-led, hands on course.

  • Your instructor has over 15 years of Excel experience, and can provide real-world training.

  • No boring theory. Instead, we'll use case studies and hands on exercises.

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I highly recommend the Excel ... class to anybody who wants to learn ...  Excel.   Jackie teaches the class at a pace that is enjoyable.   You can learn a lot from this class even if you have never seen Excel before.

Learning how to use Excel spreadsheets has enabled me to record and interpret data in a MUCH FASTER and more efficient way.  I had been putting off how to use Excel, and Jackie greatly relieved my anxiety by showing me the ropes of Excel and making it easy for me to learn.


Grade given the course: A+ 

David Redding, M.D. Redding Allergy and Asthma Center


Excel 2016 for the Mac - Level 1 (2 Days)
Please bring your MacBook to this class.

Course Objective: You will create and edit basic Microsoft Office Excel 2016 worksheets and workbooks.


This course is designed for students who desire to gain the necessary skills to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Office Excel 2016 worksheets.


Prerequisites: Prospective students should be familiar with the Mac OS X v10.5 (basic typing skills are recommended). They should be comfortable in the Macintosh environment and be able to use Macintosh to manage information on the computer. Specifically, they should be able to launch and close programs; navigate to information stored on the computer; and manage files and folders. Web browsing experience is also strongly recommended.


Module 1 - Getting Started with Excel 2016 for the MAC
Getting Started
Opening a Workbook
Navigating the Excel Window
Saving Workbooks
Navigating, Moving and Adding Worksheet Tabs
Navigating the Ribbon
Changing Views

Module 2 - Creating Workbooks and Entering Data
Entering Text and Numbers
Creating New Workbooks
Entering Data
Copying and Pasting Data
Selecting Cells

Using AutoSum
Creating Formulas
Creating Functions
Using AutoFill


Module 3 - Inserting, Deleting and Copying Data
Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Using AutoComplete
Copy and Paste In Depth
Creating Comments
Absolute and Relative Cell References
Creating and Using Templates
Splitting Windows
Freezing Parts of the Worksheet
Checking Spelling

Module 4 - Formatting
Formating Numbers
Creating Custom Formats
Aligning Cell Contents
Merging and Wrapping Cells
Creating and Merging Custom Styles
Using Conditional Formatting
Working with Sparklines


Module 5 - Basic Charts and Graphs
Creating Charts
Adding and Removing Chart Elements
Using Pre-Determined Chart Styles
Modifying Charts
Workign with Chart Data
Creating Combination Charts

Module 6 - Working with Worksheets
Viewing Workbooks in Windows
Duplicate Worksheets
Moving and Copying Worksheets
Creatin Cross-Worksheet Formulas
Using Find and Replace

Module 7 - Printing Worksheets
Printing Worksheets
Setting and Adjusting Margins


Module 8 - Cloud Computing


Excel 2016 for the MAC - Level 2 (12 hours, 2 Days)

Please bring your MacBook to this class.




This course assumes mastery of all the topics in Excel 2016 Fundamentals for the MAC


Basic to Advanced Filters
Excel Tables



Split Fixed and Delimited Data
Create Automatic Subtotals
Consolidate Data Across Multiple Ranges
Data Validation
Remove Duplicates



Formula Builder
PMT Function
PV and FV Functions
IF, AND, OR Function
Aggregate IF Functions (SUMIF, COUNTIF, etc.)
DATEDIF Function
Date and Time Functions
Text Functions
VLOOKUP Function



Named Ranges
OFFSET Function
Checking and Tracing Formula Errors



Create Data Tables
Scenarios, Goal Seek, Solver
Custom Views
Control Workbook Changes



Hyperlinks: Worksheets, Ranges, Workbooks
Embed Excel Worksheets
Embed Excel Charts
Sharing Workbooks
Sharing Workbooks



Create workbook forms
Understanding Macros and VBA
Recording Macros
Running Macros



Create Pivot Table
Applying Filters to Pivot Tables
Filter Pivot Tables Using Slicers
Creating Custom Pivot Table Styles
Adding Calculated Fields and Items
Grouping by Text, Date
Working with Multiple Pivot Tables


Your tuition includes:

  • Hands-on computer based training
  • Training manuals.
  • Real world exercises.


For pre-requisites for each class, please see above.


$549 for each class

Upcoming Sessions of  Excel 2016 for the Mac - Atlanta



Excel 2016 Mac Training - BASIC - Atlanta, GA
Date: Thu Sep 28 2017 - Fri Sep 29 2017
Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Place: 1100 Peachtree Street Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30309
For Info: http://www.probiztechnology.com/excelmactrainingatlanta.htm
Please bring your Macintosh to this training.



Excel 2016 Mac Training - ADVANCED - Atlanta, GA
Date: Mon Oct 02 2017 - Tue Oct 03 2017
Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Place: 1100 Peachtree Street Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30309
For Info: http://www.probiztechnology.com/excelmactrainingatlanta.htm
Please bring your Macintosh to this training.



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About your instructor: 

Ms. Kiadii helps business professionals use technology to save time, lower costs and increase profits. She provides business technology workshops, customized software training, and Access database solutions. She has taught programs for hundreds of business owners, the Small Business Development Center (GSU), Small Business Administration (Atlanta), Women's Economic Development Agency, Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

Refund / Cancellation Policy: 

If instructor cancels class, students will be issued a full refund. If a student cancels registration, at lease one week prior to class, instructor will issue a refund less $85 or 15% administrative fee, whichever is greater. No refunds will be issued if student cancels within a week of class; student will be issued a credit good for 90 days.


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